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KNOW_Winter 2014_FinalSinglePages (2) | 13 GAE-Retired Receives TWO NEA-Retired State Project Grants! Each year the NEA Center for Organizing, in collaboration with NEA-Retired, awards State Organizing Grants to State Retired entities. For 2014-15, GAE-Retired received funding for two grants, the maximum allowed. One grant–“Together We Stand: Together We Can–” emphases strengthening the bonds between GAE’s active and retired members by focusing an issue that is mutually important to both active members and retired members and creating a project on which all can work cooperatively. According to the grant writers Helen Zappia, Gloria Slaughter, and Lisa Morgan, “This project is designed to bridge perceived differences in Active and Retired members.” As a result of the funding of this grant, two GAE Issues Summits have already been held this fall focusing on TRS, its facts and history, and the problems with pension reform. Additional GAE Issues Summits sponsored by GAE-Retired are in the planning stages for January through March. Watch for details about a GAE Issues Summit near you! “Members Training Members,” the second NEA-Retired State Project Grant funded, will enable GAE-Retired to host a Leadership Development Academy (LDA) for all GAE members. “I am excited that we can offer this training that will provided instruction and resources on how to be an effective association leader, how to advocate for the association, and how to recruit membership. My hope is that as a result of having this Leadership Development Academy, leadership (seasoned and developing) will know more about our Association in order to move it forward,” said Karen Solheim, GAE-Retired President. Watch for additional information about the GAE LDA. Join GAE-Retired now as a Pre-Retired member. Join as a GAE-Pre-Retired member once to become a GAE-Retired member for life. Why? Professionally… • Stay informed about everything GAE-Retired is doing. • Be informed about issues that affect retirees. • Continue to be a part of the GAE and NEA family. Personally… • Lock in your GAE-Retired lifetime dues by joining now! (By joining as a GAE-Pre-Retired member today, you will pay your GAE-Retired dues based on what they are for 2014-15: $400. Since last year, the membership dues for joining GAE-Retired have increase by fifty dollars. Because dues only tend to increase, you can save money joining GAE Retired now.) Join as a GAE-Pre-Retired member once to become a GAE-Retired member for life. How? • Fill out a GAE membership enrollment form, using code RT-9-7. • Decide on a payment method: - cash, check, or money order - easy pay/electronic bank draft - credit card (Visa or Mastercard) • Mail your completed form to GAE. What happens when I retire? Your membership status will be changed from Pre-Retired to Retired. Will I have to pay any more money for dues? No. Join as a GAE-Pre-Retired member once to become a GAE-Retired member for life.

KNOW_Winter 2014_FinalSinglePages (2)
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