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KNOW_Summer_2016_Digital | 19 WIN 2016 LEGISLATIVE VICTORIES PAY SALARY INCREASE FOR EDUCATORS For the first time in 8 years, Georgia educators got a pay increase from the legislature! It shouldn’t have taken this long, but finally… The Educator Voice Was Heard! HOW GAE FOUGHT FOR YOUR PAY: GAE members lobbied, rallied, and organized around not having received a pay increase in nearly a decade. At the start of the 2016 legislative session, Governor Nathan Deal made provisions to fund each district with additional money to support a 3% pay increase for teachers in the 2017 budget. Legislators followed through with increases for bus drivers, school nurses, and lunchroom workers. Now it’s up to each district to use the funding for pay increases; but if we’ve managed to move the Governor, we must work to ensure districts will follow through. WIN TKES TEACHER KEYS EFFECTIVENESS SYSTEM SB 364 passes! GAE members were on the front lines at the Capitol with legislators to help make sense of TKES to ensure Georgia teachers are evaluated fairly. Every call, email, petition, and action helped to #FixTKES! HOW GAE FOUGHT FOR YOUR CAREER: GAE members lobbied, rallied, and organized around TKES – an evaluation system that just didn’t add up. Together with public education partners and legislators (especially Senate Education & Youth Committee Chairman Lindsey Tippins), GAE strategically and successfully worked to improve TKES. After hearing your concerns, Sen. Tippins brought forth TKES and testing bill, SB 364. The credit for this legislative victory belongs solely to you – the educator. WIN ERC EDUCATION REFORM COMMISSION We got a stay! Instead of rapidly changing the face of public education in Georgia, Governor Deal took our advice and will wait to implement the Education Reform Commission’s changes. Thanks to educators, Georgia is doing what’s right by our students! HOW GAE FOUGHT FOR YOU: GAE President Sid Chapman strongly urged the Education Reform Commission this past summer to slow down their “reform” process. Additionally, GAE expressed concern that no active and “in-the-classroom” educator was on the commission. During his State of the State address, Governor Deal issued the creation of a task force that will include practicing teachers to vet the ERC recommendations.

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