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KNOW_Fall_2015 | 5 KNOW & Tell NEWS NEA FOUNDATION AWARDEE AMANDA MILINER I teach because I believe all students deserve to have an advocate who believes in their potential. One of my pet peeves in education is when a teacher looks at his/her class roster and begins to complain about a student on their roll. They automatically write the child off without even a personal introduction. I teach for those students. Because if not us, then who? Who will help those students succeed? – Amanda Miliner Georgia Association of Educators, member NEA FOUNDATION – HELPING EDUCATORS & STUDENTS SUCCEED The NEA Foundation is a public charity whose main goal is to help educators and students succeed. The foundation is supported by donations from a variety of sources such as educator’s dues and corporate sponsors. Through these generous donations the NEA Foundation has been able to furnish numerus educator grants. In the past 10 years alone the NEA Foundation has awarded more than $7.1 million to fund nearly 4,500 grants to public school educators. Students also benefit from this remarkable foundation. When a donation of up to $250 is made on, the NEA Foundation will match it per request. For more information visit WHERE HAVE ALL THE BLACK MALE TEACHERS GONE? Within Maryland’s Montgomery County a forward, fast moving racial shift took place starting in the 1970’s. This shift, which represents a microcosm of the U.S., took the county from being predominately white, with upwards to 91 percent of a student body being taught by mostly white teachers to a county that Christopher Lloyd, the new president of Maryland’s Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) now says has become near equally diverse in student representation. However, while the student body has reflected such diverse change in demographics, this has not been reflected in the teaching population. Only 3.7 percent of the teachers in the Maryland Public schools are Black males while that percentage nationwide is around 2 percent. Christopher Lloyd, who is also a STEM teacher in Silver Springs at Weller Road Elementary, has been pushing for an increase in diversity within the classroom, not just racial diversity but gender and ethnicity as well. In 2014, the MCEA began to actively purse and recruit minority teachers in hopes to bring sorely needed diversity into Maryland’s classrooms. Such a move would also help break the clustering situation that happens with Black male teachers who find themselves teaching mostly at the Middle and High school levels. Read more: where-are-all-the-black-maleteachers/ CREATIVE CLASSROOMS ON A BUDGET Every teacher understands the importance of stretching his/her budget to maximum effect. Check out some awesome DIY tips on creating uniquely-creative teaching spaces on limited budgets. ClassroomManagement.html   AUTUMN THEMED LESSON PLANS Fall weather, along with the changing of the leaves, creates a great opportunity for teaching students about life cycles, the rotations of the celestial bodies, and even poetry. Check out fun lesson plans by retired educator and freelance writer Phil Nast. lessons/autumn-themed- classroom-resources.html

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