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KNOW_Fall_2015 | 17 2016 LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVES ERC EDUCATION REFORM COMMISSION • The ERC discounts the role of the active practitioner by not having actual in-theclassroom teachers on the commission and having non-practicing educators making suggestions about public education • The commission’s approach to QBE funding seems to continue to underfund Georgia students as the “new normal” • Discredits the continued education and advanced degrees of educators as scholars HOW GAE WILL FIGHT FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION: GAE will develop and distribute an alternative plan to the ERC’s proposal that will better define the future of public education in Georgia GAE will monitor the commission’s movements to mitigate any grave disparities in the education practice For more information visit: OSD OPPORTUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT • Is based on the Louisiana Recovery School District, implemented in post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, that has failed drastically • Does not address the root causes of under performing schools • Takes away local control and community involvement in schools • Pays state tax dollars to privately owned and operated educational management corporations HOW GAE WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR COMMUNITY SCHOOLS: GAE will lobby for legislation that addresses the needs of disadvantaged students GAE will develop a vision for Community Schools as an alternative to a state takeover GAE will campaign to defeat the ballot initiative and encourage voters to vote “NO” on the 2016 ballot For more information visit: TKES TEACHER KEYS EFFECTIVENESS SYSTEM • TKES does not provide for an appeal process for teachers who may have been unfairly rated • The evaluation system is too subjective and lacks consistency • The system is far too complex to be an effective gauge on teacher effectiveness HOW GAE WILL STAND UP FOR YOUR JOB: GAE will lobby for legislation that closes the gaps in TKES in 2016 GAE will work to get student test scores removed from the evaluation process GAE will advocate to have the student evaluation portion of TKES removed For more information visit: PAY • It’s been 7 years since Georgia educators received a pay increase • Georgia has fallen significantly behind the national average with regard to educators’ pay • Lower than average pay is certainly an attributing factor of a shortage in qualified educators and is not competitive with other professions HOW GAE WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR PAY: GAE will encourage the Georgia State Legislature to invest in education GAE will speak out on the importance of professional development for Georgia educators GAE will lobby for an increase in income for educators For more information visit:

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