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GAE_KNOW_SpringElection2015_online_updated | 29 GEORGIA ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATORS Candidates for the 2015 NEA Representative Assembly Category 1 State-At-Large (twenty-four positions available) DISTRICT ONE (six positions available) Rebecca S. Caraway I would be honored to represent Georgia at the 2015 NEA convention. Juanita Foster Toni Jaska To Whom it May Concern, I have been a dedicated teacher for fifteen years. I will represent the values of teachers in District 1. Nancy Elaine Johnson Ronda Ware District One Director; Past President of the Floyd County Association of Educators. Served GAE for over 10 years in multiple capacities. Shirley White Please vote for Shirley White to represent you at the 2015 NEA/RA. I am committed to serve Georgia with dependency, integrity, and dedication. Thank You! Stephen Williams I am a Media Specialist from Rome and would like to represent you as a delegate to the NEA-RA. Elect Stephen, your voice at the NEA-RA. DISTRICT TWO (eight positions available) Cynthia Alston Giovanna Alston Vote for, Giovanna Alston! Let me stand on the Frontline for you, education and fight the good fight for our children and association. Taryn Sobczak Blanton I am Taryn Sobczak Blanton. I have served at the previous 4 RAs and ask you to vote for me to serve you this year. Charlotte Booker Sid Chapman Chenee Chisholm Patrick Crabtree Maria Grovner Deborah J. E. Howard Thank you in advance for electing Deborah J. Emery Howard as • 2015 NEA RA Delegate • 2007-2015 NEA RA Delegate • Committed active member • NEA Fund Committee member • Resolutions Committee member • Member Concerns chair Jeff Hubbard East Cobb Middle School; GAE State President 2006-2010; NEA Resolutions Committee 2014-2015. I would appreciate your vote to continue my service for you. Stella Irving Cynthia Reese Johnson Active member of my local over 25 years. Please elect me to represent you! Annette McCraw Vote for Annette McCraw! I would like to represent you as a delegate at the NEA RA in Orlando, Florida this year. Please allow me to be your voice at the NEA RA.! LaTashia Robinson I want to serve you as 2015 NEA RA Delegate State-at-Large. Please cast your vote for LaTashia Robinson, a dedicated educator and leader…Thank You! Karen Searles Peggy Smith-Mitchell Daniel G. Sobczak It’s been a pleasure to serve as D2 Director since 2012. I hope to serve you as your NEA Delegate to the RA. Thank you. LeLita Thomas Greetings GAE, my name is LeLita Thomas. Please allow me to represent you at the 2015 NEA RA Angela Tucker-Holmes DISTRICT THREE (five positions available) Lois Butler Donnell Cox Justin T. Johnson DISTRICT FOUR (five positions available) Denise Kirtsey Renarta Orr Mary A. Snowden Sherrie S. Williams

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