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GAE_KNOW2014_Elections | 19 Timothy A. Davis Lisa Morgan I, Lisa Morgan, am asking for your support for Secretary- Treasurer of GAE. My candidacy is not about Lisa, but rather, our members. We, the members, are GAE and must become the faces on the front lines of GAE. We need leadership that will listen first to the members, seek to learn about the issues, and lead the actions necessary to help our members reach their goals. We need a Secretary-Treasurer who will work diligently to ensure the minutes and roll-call votes of the Board of Directors are available to the members promptly. We need someone who fully understands the Financial Statements and Budget, and who will work to move us toward a budgeting process that is member-centered, prioritizing members’ needs. We lobby legislators with the phrase “Cuts to education don’t heal.” Cuts to our members don’t heal. We must focus on growing membership and providing them with the resources they need to grow professionally and in the association. There is a great deal of work ahead. Our Secretary- Treasurer should be someone who has already demonstrated a willingness to work hard for GAE. Since my first Spring RA in 2004, I have been working. I serve ODE as 2nd Vice President/Membership Chair and at the state level I have served on the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors. I ask for your vote to allow me to continue to work with you as the next Secretary-Treasurer of GAE. I appreciate your support and pledge to keep the focus on members. Tanya Sparks-Nichols My name is Tanya Sparks- Nichols and I am running for Secretary-Treasurer. I have been a member of GAE since beginning my teacher career in 2000. I have served this organization in many roles from volunteering time, recruiting members, serving on committees, acting as Local President, and serving on The Board of Directors. Each opportunity has given me a unique prospective. I have learned to listen hard, watch closely, and question everyone’s motives, and respond honestly. I have learned much about our organization. I see what lies behind us and the obstacles before us. My belief is that together we can overcome anything and make this organization stronger. Election Notice: The Georgia Association of Educators’ Uniform Code of Elections is in the Representative Assembly and Board of Directors Policies and can be located on the GAE website under the section below: MEMBERSHIP & ADMIN / GAE MEMBER CENTER / GOVERNANCE DOCUMENTS Click on the Representative Assembly and Board of Directors Policies Members are required to login to access this document. Your username is your first initial and last name (no space) and your password is the last four digits of your social security number. GAE SECRETARY-TREASURER My ability to take in all perspectives, find the truth, and make decisions that are based on the whole if the organization, stand behind those decisions regardless if how hard they are make me the right candidate for this position. I encourage all of you to ask the tough questions and find the answers based on the facts and help move this organization forward. This is your organization, get involved! Passionately, Tanya Sparks-Nichols GAE ESP AT-LARGE DIRECTOR No Candidates GAE DISTRICT TWO DIRECTOR (three positions available) Maria Grovner Deborah A. Jones Trina Knox Ramon Reeves Frenise Venisee GAE DISTRICT THREE DIRECTOR (one positions available) Terrell Marquis Lane Michael Lewis GAE FUND FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION – DISTRICT TWO (three positions available) Doris M. Glover Judith Polacek GAE FUND FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION – DISTRICT THREE (one position available) No Candidates GAE FUND FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION – DISTRICT FOUR (one position available) No Candidates

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